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How to create a free Website ?

If you are a Business man or you are a freelancer or you are NGO or you are a student , All are in the need of website because to interact with the world. Now a days Website is source of information as well as be in the contact with other people and friends , For that there are various Type of site like Social Networking ,Blogs for information and discussion and eCommerce for online Sale and Purchase . Now question arises

Create a free website easy and quick

There are 3 main ingredients to Create website.

  1. You Need a Domain Name
  2. You need a Hosting
  3. You need Content to write on it.


What is domain name ?

The answer is in simple language is Domain name is the Address of your website on network .It will cost you about INR 500-1000 or $7-15

What is hosting?

hosting is the place where you can place you web pages of your website ,Because a website is noting but a collection of webpages.Just like a cupboard on you residence .It will cost you about INR 1500-10000 or $15-50 as per your Requirement.


Question arise that is there is any cheaper way to create website ?
The answer is Yes.

Easy step to create free website follow the link you will find the step by which you can create your website for 100% free. is the place where you can create a free Website  Also provide you to
create free mobile website. provide you Free domain name ,Hosting by just sign up on for creating a website you just need content to put on is a highly optimize for SEO .It will increase you Presence on Internet.

What is Mobile Website ?

A mobile website is Responsive website which adjust itself according to device screen resolution. Mobile website is now more popular as compare to desktop website because it is accessible with in mobile  Provide you a free mobile website as well as desktop website to create your website for free.To create your mobile website for free Loging into