PHP Tutorial
PHP Tutorial

Learn PHP : Hypertext Preprocessor is called as PHP. PHP is an open source scripting language. It is a generally suited for web improvement and can be inserted into HTML and JavaScript to create DHTML on run time. PHP produces HTML to be shown on customer side , it execute command on server and store data on Database server.

PHP deals with 3 level

  1. Customer (Program ,Web pioneer ,Chrome,FireFox, and so on..)
  2. Server (Apache Server ,IIS,etc.. )
  3. Information base Server ie. database(MySql,Sqlite, and so on..)

The PHP code is encased in PHP labels, begin and end tags labels “<?php    ?>” that keeps running all through “PHP mode” between these label you can write your code of php.

PHP is light-weight scripting language which can without much of a stretch keep running on server, it does not require any sort of design to made on server before utilizing it, It is ready to utilize language with numerous php function. Like mail to send php mail and numerous more ready to use functions .

The upside of using PHP is that its free. You don’t need to pay for purchasing costly structure and server . Being an open source everything related to PHP is free . like Light .(Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP)all is free as these are the piece of open source.

You needn’t bother about structure to work in PHP , You can compose your code on scratch pad or on any word processor. Since PHP is an open source it is having a substantial group to help you in the event that you have stuck some place.